iSoundGrid - Kids (iPad)

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Available iPad Editions:

iSoundGrid Kids icon iSoundGrid Northpole for the iPad icon iSoundGrid Halloween for the iPad icon iSoundGrid Cartoons for the iPad cartoons icon

Available iPhone Editions:

iSoundGrid Northpole for the iPhone icon iSoundGrid Sinterklaas for the iPhone icon iSoundGrid Halloween for the iPhone icon

This kids edition of iSoundGrid is the ultimate tool for educational purposes or just for having lots of fun.

The set of sounds we used for this edition are specialy selected to be used by children.

A great variety of animal sounds and other specific sounds that kids like are added to this edition.

For non-reading children to understand the sounds behind the buttons we have added declarative icons to the buttons.

As an additional fun factor we have added piano keys that will enable your kid to play his/her favourite tune with the sound he/she likes.


Each iSoundGrid provides following features:

  • Easy to use interface (kidsproof)
  • Professional high quality soundeffects
  • Crisp stereo sounds
  • Specialy selected (funny) sounds
  • Gain (volume) of sounds changeable
  • high quality, crisp graphics
  • Settings panel
  • 3 playstyle modes
  • Plays up to 32 sounds simultaniously
  • icon style buttons
  • 10 Ambiant sounds
  • Ambiants loopable
  • 40 sound effects
  • Pitch of sounds changeable
  • Autoplay mode
  • Play random sound on shake
  • Play random sound each 3 seconds
  • piano keyboard for playing tunes

Included sounds

iSoundGrid-Kids contains a specialy selected set of funny educational soundeffects. A collection of 50 soundeffects are provided and will bring your kid hours of fun! Following 10 ambient sounds are included:

  • Under water
  • Bubbles
  • Children
  • Playground
  • Horse
  • Kazoo accent
  • Happy tune
  • Game song
  • Blind Mice
  • Drums

And following 40 sound effects:

  • Wah wah
  • Abacadabra
  • Helicopter
  • Sport whistle
  • Cash register
  • Sheep
  • Lark
  • Cat
  • Rooster
  • Hawk
  • Goose
  • Duck
  • Crow
  • Steam Whistle
  • Accordeon
  • Laugh cartoon
  • Laugh baby
  • Kiss
  • Peacock
  • Wolf
  • Snake
  • Pig squeal
  • Human chicken
  • Hippo
  • Elk
  • Donkey
  • Buffalo
  • Lamb
  • Sea lion
  • Pig snort
  • Mouth harp
  • Lion roar
  • Horse whine
  • Dog bark
  • Dinosaur
  • Cuckoo clock
  • Chimp
  • Cow
  • Comedy cook
  • Chipmunk

Video demo

iSoundGrid basics

Ambiant sounds

Ambiant sounds are placed on the top row of the buttongrid. These ambiant sounds are operated by a on/off button and can be switched on and off. Ambiant sounds can not be played simultaniously. The selected ambiant sound will be played over and over until stopped.

Ambiant loops

Some ambiant sounds are 'real' looped sounds and will play without a gap. Loops can be identified by the loop icon (the number 8 on it's side) on the button.


The last four rows contain 40 soundeffect buttons. Each soundeffect is triggered by pushing it's button. up to 32 effects can be played simultaniously. Ambiant sounds can not be played simultaniously

iSoundGrid line

iSoundGrid is a productline of easy operatable theme based soundeffect players. New editions will be added to this productline frequently. Keep checking this website or the App Store for updates

Pitch slider

The pitch slider is used to change the current pitch of the sound effects. (change before playing the effect).

Gain slider

The gain slider is used to change the current gain (volume) of the soundeffects in relation to the ambiant sounds.

Playstyle setting

Through the settingspanel the Play style of the sound effects can be set. Following three play styles are available.

  • Sequential, a specific sound has to stop playing before a sound can be replayed.
  • Abort & play, a specific sound is stopped and started again.
  • Simultaniously, a specific sound (the same sound) can be played simultaniously.

Auto play setting

Through the settingspanel the Auto play mode and style of the player can be set. The following settings are available.

  • On/Off, The autoplay mode is started or stopped
  • On Shake, When the device is shaken, the player picks a sound from the list randomly an plays it.
  • On Timer, The player plays a random sound each 3 seconds.

Piano keys

A piano keyboard can be activated by pushing the piano icon on the left side near the pitch slider. With this keyboard you can play your favourite tune with the last selected sound effect. The settings of the playstyle in the settingspanel will define if you play poly harmonic or mono.