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Available iPad Editions:

iSoundGrid Kids icon iSoundGrid Northpole for the iPad icon iSoundGrid Halloween for the iPad icon iSoundGrid Cartoons for the iPad cartoons icon

Available iPhone Editions:

iSoundGrid Northpole for the iPhone icon iSoundGrid Sinterklaas for the iPhone icon iSoundGrid Halloween for the iPhone icon


Press material can be downloaded using the links below. A press release and app images are available to be freely used for press purposes. More material can be provided upon request.

Press kits

For additional media and product description you can download our press kit.
This kit contains:

  • iSoundGrid-Cartoons banner [png, 31kB]
  • iSoundGrid-Cartoons ipad icon 72px [png, 14kB]
  • iSoundGrid-Cartoons appstore icon 512px [png, 89kB]
  • iSoundGrid product logo [png, 11kB]
  • iSoundGrid-Cartoons, screenshot [png, 658kB]
  • iSoundGrid-Cartoons on ipad, screenshot [png, 386kB]
  • iSoundGrid product description [txt, 326 words]

iSoundGrid-Cartoons presskit.zip [zipfile, 1.609kB]

iSoundGrid-Halloween presskit.zip [zipfile, 4.080 kB]

iSoundGrid-Sinterklaas presskit.zip [zipfile, 2.289 kB]

iSoundGrid-Northpole presskit.zip [zipfile, 2.551 kB]

iSoundGrid Kids presskit.zip [zipfile, 3.366 kB]

Press releases

All our press releases are handled by prmac.com.

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